Microphones & Karaoke Equipment are people’s main instruments for singing and making music. These two devices can be used for various purposes, such as singing in the shower, singing at a party, or performing live on stage. There are many different types of microphones on the market today. Some have a cardioid polar pattern, while others have an omnidirectional pattern. It is essential to know what type of microphone you need before buying one.
It is also essential to know what kind of karaoke equipment you need before buying it. Some people prefer an old-fashioned cassette player, while others prefer a CD player with MP3s or DVDs with MP4s.

Here are some of the best microphones and karaoke equipment

BM800 Condenser Microphone Sound Card V9X PRO Mixer Live Broadcast Recording Set Mic Phone K Song Computer Karaoke Sing

BM800 Condenser Microphone Sound Card V9X PRO Mixer is a sound card designed for professionals. It is a high-quality sound card compatible with most computers and laptops.
This product is designed to provide users with the best possible sound quality. It also has a built-in mixer, so you don’t have to worry about your computer not being powerful enough to handle this type of software.
• V9X PRO:180*130*30MM
• Bluetooth version: 5.0
• Main chip: imported dual DSP
• Recording: 16bit/ 48< Hz SNR≥94db
• Playback: 16bit / 48 kHz SNR 105dB
• Distortion: <= 0.1%
• Output power: 329thd + n= 0.1%
• Power consumption: 5W
• Rated input voltage: 5V/ 1A
• Charging current: 500mA
• Frequency range: 20h-20khz

Package List
• BM800 microphone set * 1
• V9 PRO sound card * 1
• USB charging cable * 1
• 35mm live recording cable * 2
• Instruction manual * 1

BM800 Microphone Kit Condenser Sound Recording Microphone with Phantom Power for Broadcast Singing Vocal Recording KTV Karaoke Microphone

The BM800 is a condenser microphone suitable for voice-over work and other sound recording applications. It has a high sensitivity of 27 dB and an impedance of 400 ohms. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz, and the signal-to-noise ratio is 50dB. The BM800 Microphone Kit Condenser Sound Recording Mic can be used for voice-over work and other sound recording but does not have the same features as the more expensive microphones on the market.

• Tailored frequency response provides speech intelligibility and clarity.
• Neodymium magnet for high signal-to-noise ratio
• Shock mount to reduce handling noise
• Cardioid (bi-directional) pickup pattern for feedback suppression
• Ideal for radio and television studios, voice-over sound studios, recording, and so on
• Surface treatment: the microphone head is electroplated, the surface of the tube body is coated with high-temperature spraying technology.
• Conditions of use: desktop computer, notebook computer, built-in sound card, independent sound card, USB sound card. It can not be used with a cell phone.
• Fits more: the recording pattern minimizes background noise and isolates the primary sound resources. This microphone collection is ideal for recording broadcasting and can be used for home or professional studio recording.
• Anti-vibration shock absorber: the shock absorber is made of sturdy plastic and effectively reduces trill caused

• Microphone core: original F-16 ultra-shock film condenser microphone core.
• Polar pattern: Uni-directional
• Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
• Sensitivity:-34dB±2dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
• Output impedance:150Ω±30%(at 1kHz).
• Load impedance: ≥1000 Ω
• Equivalent noise level:16dBA
• Electrical current: 3mA
• Maximum sound pressure level: 132dB (at 1kHz <1% T.H.D)
• Noise signal ratio: 78dB
• Voltage: 48V phantom power
• Weight of microphone body: 400g
• Dimensions: Approx. 16 x 5 x 5cm
• Cable length: Approx. 2.5 m
• Microphone Material: steel mesh + zinc alloy hand holder

Package includes
• 1* Condenser Microphone
• 1* power cord
• 1* Windscreen popup filter
• 1* Scissor arm stand
• 1* wobble-free plastic holder
• 1* phantom power and cable
• 1* user manual
BM800 Microphone with V8XPRO Sound Card + BG16 Fill Light + Stand for Mobile Phone Computer Karaoke Live Broadcasting Accessories

Applied to computers and cell phones, Bluetooth wireless accompaniment, 15 kinds of warm effects, 8 kinds of adjustable sound better( Chat、Sing/On-off Internal Record、Pitch Bend、MC、Pay Attention、Dodge、 Silence ), support Treble APP with two microphones and headphones. Add two faders to record sound and FX audio to adjust the sound of warm effect accurately; about 6-7 hours of service and The layout of the sound card is apparent for function and connection. Update the treble and bass balanced setting.

Model: V8XPRO
Item Name: BM800 Microphone with V8XPRO Sound Card
Package Included
• 1x BM800 Microphone
• 1x V8XPRO sound card
• 1x BG16 fill light
• 1x tripod
• 1x plastic shock frame
• 1x sponge ball

Bakeey Basic BM-800 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Studio Recording Microphone with Shock Mount XLR Cable

Superior professional condenser microphone that adds color to recordings and sounds as good on your desk as it does in an expert recording studio. An anti-wind foam cap protects the microphone from the effects of wind and singers’ spit. Provides fpv to capture subtle nuances that produce high-quality audio. Ideal for broadcast studios, voice-over sound studios, stages, TV stations, etc. Shockproof mount – firmly secures the microphone and effectively reduces operating noise. Ideal for radio studios, professional broadcasts, voice-over sound studios, stages, TV stations, music, Skype, news, FaceTime, Twitch, YouTube, etc.

Material: Metal
Package included
• 1x Microphone
• 1x Microphone stand
• 1x power cord
• 1x anti-wind foam cap

GAM-800W Microphone Condenser Sound Recording Microphone Kit with V8 Sound Card for Radio Broadcasting Vocal Recording KTV Karaoke Mic

BM-800 professional recording microphone Small diaphragm condenser microphone recording sensitivity is high and the sound is clear For YY voice chat, personal recording, computer karaoke production Personalized appearance, a variety of colors, professional and fashion combination Configure unique windproof mesh cotton to effectively eliminate the “POPs” sound during recording Gold-plated film head for excellent frequency response performance, with Bluetooth 5. 0, specially designed for personal recording High-sensitivity pickup, seamless connection with a computer, more comprehensive applicability Professional audio processing circuit design with low noise, high sound pressure level and wide dynamic range
Sound card:12 kinds of electric sounds, 18 sound effects, and six effect modes. Reverberation time adjustment, microphone volume adjustment, high bass adjustment, recording volume control, music volume control, listening volume control (headphone function). Supports the use of cell phones and computers and supports a single headphone.

Connection method
There are seven kinds of connection methods: one cell phone K song live, double cell phone live, three cell phones live, mobile phone-computer synchronous life, one computer live, computer accompaniment cell phone live, instrument input cell phone live.

• Microphone
• Material: steel grille + zinc alloy tube
• Frequency response:20 Hz-20khz
• Sensitivity:45 dB ± 1 dB
• Output impedance:150Ω ± 30% (1 kHz)
• Load impedance:≥1000Ω
• Equivalent noise level:6 dba
• Current rating:3mA
• Signal to noise ratio:78 decibels
• Sound card
• Battery: lithium-ion rechargeable
• Interface type: USB
• Type: External
• Channels: 2
• Features: with BT

Package includes
• 1* Condenser Microphone
• 1* Windscreen popup filter
• 1* scissor arm stand
• 1* wobble-free plastic mount
• 1* wired headset
• 1 * sound card
• 3 * Audio cable
• 1 * USB cable
• 1 * English user manual

GAM-U87 25mm Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Set for Live Recording for Karaoke with Microphone Shock Mount

GAM-U87 25mm large-diaphragm condenser microphone set for karaoke with microphone shock mount is a professional 25mm large diaphragm computer microphone, intelligent compatibility. Intelligent compatibility with most K song entertainment games on the market lives Pinghe APP, heart show clear sound quality, 3.5mm audio cable wire. Gold-plated connectors prevent oxidation, reduce signal loss, restore realistic sound, and have a three-stage design that perfectly matches the connected devices, precision interface plug, and play. Made of alloy material, the interface is equipped with three gold-plated, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust pins that accurately detect the sound source and ensure perfect signal transmission.

• Brand: Record
• Model Number: GAM-U87
• GAM-U87 C
• Size: 24*27*15cm
• Weight: 0.95kg
• GAM-U87 D
• Size: 25*22*14cm
• Weight: 0.90kg
Packing List
• 1x Microphone
• 1x sponge head
• 1x shockproof frame
• 1x Canon cable wire
• 1x manual

We have listed a variety of the best Microphones and karaoke equipment available in Electric RC Toys There are many options out there and we hope that we have helped you discover the one that suits your loved one’s needs.