This is just how to color RC parts utilizing RIT color in powder kind. I am exempt if you damages or ruin any of your components utilizing this approach. I am simply showing to you how I do this and what result this method has.


I will certainly use dyed parts in my quadcopter construct, however hole step is just for appearances. It has nothing to do with function.:-RRB-.

RIT color is product for coloring textile. Nonetheless, hpi identified that this stuff dyes plastic products extremely well and also it's very popular within the RC neighborhood. Black color in particular dyes things completely and it's nearly impossible to tell if something is dyed or not. Massive benefit of dyeing is that you can't scrape it of and it doesn't include an extra layer like paint does.


1. This procedure is entirely IRREVERSIBLE, so make sure that this is what you desire!
2. If you sprinkle the color on the range or cooking area component, clean it ASAP. Dye will certainly leave marks on virtually anything (plastic, wood ...). Be aware of that danger!
3. Temperature, on one hand, is very important for appropriate dyeing (dye doesn't truly do anything in cold water), yet on the other hand heat might melt the plastic. So, be very mindful with water temperature level. If you warp something like port you will have difficult time to plug it in later on.
4. Know that by dyeing anything that has metal parts you run the risk of rust. Color itself doesn't impact steel, nevertheless water does. So e.g. cables and ports (T-plug) might corrode if you don't completely dry them correctly. Likewise, you can not truly avoid water from getting in the cord so know that threat. You can't dry it completely either. I suggest not making use of very first few inches of dyed cable if possible.


1. I recommend sticking to BLACK color just. You can dye parts with other colours too, nevertheless, outcomes aren't generally that wonderful. Likewise, you can just pass away from light to dark colours. So, e.g. you can color white plastic to any colour, but blue can only be dyed black.
2. See to it that all parts are entirely clean and free of any kind of dirt, oil and/or oil. Color will certainly not permeate trough this and also you will certainly end up with unequal as well as ugly results.
3. RIT color will certainly not dye stainless-steel pots and also they are very easy to tidy after dyeing. Also, you can securely utilize them for cooking later on. Nevertheless, the best means is to use some old pots that you don't make use of for food preparation any longer.
4. I use around 1/3 of the bag for the amount of water I've used in the video. Naturally, for even more water you require extra dye.
5. You can recycle dye. Just heat it up again and you are good to go. Obviously, you can not dye stuff constantly without adding extra color. However you will discover when there is too little color, do not worry.:-RRB-.
6. Coloring typically takes between 15-30 mins, however it relies on the kind of plastic and it could use up to a hr. If something does not pass away also after a hr it most likely will never ever dye. Many plastics dyes just fine and also cables to. You can not color metal components!
7. I usually utilize an item of wood for stirring. It's wonderful due to the fact that it sops water so it's a great deal harder to accidentally wallow. You can additionally utilize an item of flatware (fork, spoon or something).
8. When coloring servo cables, it's a great concept to eliminate pins from servo connector and also color cords with pins however without adapters. This way you don't take the chance of melting or contorting the port and it's a lot less complicated to try this later which is necessary to stop rust.
9. If you have few larger parts as opposed to several little ones, you can simply utilize fishing string as well as loop them all together. That way you will have the ability to pull them out conveniently. For little parts I suggest using some kind of basket like I did.